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Get inside the head of your Medicare audience

Get inside the head of a 65-year-old

If you are a marketer, you have probably watched as your agency presented their latest creative work and thought, “I don’t get it, this just isn’t doing it for me.”  My reaction, “Perfect!”  If you are not my audience, your reactions have less significance.  If I’m targeting a 65-year-old for Medicare, I would expect your response to…

How to Connect with Seniors Online?


Creating the connection Tonight I received an emergency call from a close friend who lives at a nearby senior center. She was desperate to print some airline itineraries and she could not get the printer to work. I immediately summoned my computer programmer husband to her rescue assuming that she needed some serious technical assistance….

My first lesson in CustomerThink: getting people to change behavior

The customer is at the center of it all.

Welcome to our first company blog. The headline is really what this blog and most of my professional life’s been all about. From my  first days as a cub copywriter just breaking into the business to today running an agency with a primary focus around creating behavior change,  customer think and probing what makes people tick. …