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My kid is fat?! Childhood Obesity is an epidemic.


I don’t have a child yet, but I know I would not take it lightly if anyone called my child fat, obese, or overweight. Sometimes  information  about childhood obesity is shared by your pediatrician. We all know most pediatricians would never use the term “fat,” but hearing your six-year-old is obese or overweight would be enough…

What’s Eating You? Changing Behavior at the Dinner Table


Organic food was something I read about, was aware of, but until I had a child with suspected food allergies, what I ate wasn’t a major concern. Then one day a Facebook friend shared a video from the TEDx conference in Dallas featuring Robyn O’Brien discussing her research of food allergies and their causes—and I was…

Behavior Change in Public Health: Demystifying TTM and other theories.


How often have you been through a meeting or reviewed some work around behavior change when someone in the room starts spouting a theory of behavior change that’s based on scientific fact and indisputable research? Sound familiar? Of course it does. Because if you work in the behavior change space whether as an MPH, a…

AR Changes Everything, Even How You Appreciate Jazz

Jazz Fest Augmented Reality-150px

I’m headed down to volunteer at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival tonight (June 22). Now in its eleventh year, this festival has grown to be among the largest in the world. Hundreds of acts will perform over the nine days, and more than 185,000 people will attend. It’s truly a world-class event. As in…

The independent living decision: You can’t do it alone

Independent Living is a big change for the whole family. Choosing the right community is important.

My family never really faced the “nursing home question” when I was a child. Heart disease took all four of my grandparents by the time I was eight. Healthcare and wellness programs have changed all that for my kids. They’ve had the benefit of doing all kinds of activities with their grandparents. Knock on wood,…

My DRUPA life: three things I will never forget.


I recently had the chance to work on the program of a lifetime… in Germany… for almost three weeks… working for one of our major clients, Xerox Corporation. The event is called drupa: the largest printing equipment and technology exhibition in the world, held every four years at Messe Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany….

Summer Fridays: Do they help or hurt morale?


Summer hours? Are they a good thing? Or a bad thing to help boost morale and lift summer spirits? Or just the latest lost cost benefit in a tight economy? Interested in hearing from human resources experts and humans! Here in Rochester, NY, and in our Midwest office in Minneapolis, winters can be bone-chilling, snowy,…

Behavior change: Why creating change is hard.


If you’ve ever been asked by your doctor, a spouse or made an informed decision on your own to make a health behavior change to improve your overall health status—you know the one thing that every physician, MPH, concerned friend, family member, and communications manager working in the health, wellness, and prevention space already knows—change…

The mind/body connection thing? Believe it.


Sounds like mumbo jumbo, doesn’t it? That having a fit, healthy body through exercise can actually improve one’s disposition, the way one views the world and one’s place in it? I mean, isn’t that all fixed deep within a person’s psychology or even spirituality? Isn’t a person’s self-image better relegated to the psychiatrist’s couch, priestly…

No More Super-Size Sugary Drinks: Big Change in The Big Apple


While sipping on a grande latte, I read the article. You’ve probably heard about it, too. The mayor of New York City proposed a controversial new law to eliminate massive servings of sugary drinks. (I think my latte was excluded.) According to the New York Times, the anti-obesity push would affect a range of vendors,…