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Don’t Just Ride, Bike for Multiple Sclerosis


Who doesn’t love riding a bike? For a few of us at Roberts, it’s a healthy activity we do for exercise, but also something we enjoy doing in general. Yes, you could categorize us as those annoying bikers that ride alongside your car and sometimes even take up an ENTIRE lane so we can make…

There’s a New “Dad” in Town: Debunking Parenting Stereotypes


The age of dads as partners in parenting has arrived, and I’m happy to report that my husband is in this group. He hit parenting head on from the beginning and hasn’t looked back. From diaper changes and spit-up to the bedtime routine and outings in the park, he is equally as prepared and involved in the…

Flying above the empty nest.


I was a great father. I mean, I think I really was. Focused, dedicated, putting the needs of my daughter ahead of my own. Pouring hopes and dreams into her. Raising her with an almost reverent love. Would have given my life to save hers. Just like millions of other normal, high-functioning fathers, I suppose….

Electronic Health Records – Whose Information Is It Anyway?


As health records go digital, controlling who sees them gets more complicated Last month’s Supreme Court decision affirming constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordability Act—or Obamacare, depending on your point of view—did nothing to quiet the noise. But as elected officials and policy wonks argue about coverage mandates or Medicaid expansion, there’s broad agreement…

Augmented Reality: How It Changes Your Customer Experience


Have you been to a Lego store lately? One of the oldest, simplest, most “brick and mortar” toys in the world is merchandising using high-tech Augmented Reality (AR) in its stores. Hold any Lego Digital Box up to a special kiosk in the store, and it looks like you’re holding a 3D model of the…

Confessions of a distracted driver.


I am the consummate distracted driver. As someone who is always over-booking, multitasking, or just plain running late, I have found that driving is a very productive time to catch up. That’s the go-to time to call my college roommate, make dinner reservations, and/or check in with my mom.   Don’t get me started on…

Why Engineers Hate Advertising?


Let’s face it: engineers hate advertising.  They hate being sold to, receiving answers to problems, and any sort of marketing that promotes the latest and greatest widget.  Don’t even try to use the old “puppies and babies” props that appeal to their emotional side.  Bottom line, they don’t even like the people that target them.  That…

Learning From Empty Pockets: Terrible Advice on Living Cheaply


Let me preface this blog post by saying, I’m getting better at managing my money. I say that because what follows is a confession. And perhaps a not-so-surprising peek at the financial habits of my generation. Cutting the Apron Strings Not quite three months ago, with what I’d like to think was devastation on my…

Behavior change: not a bitter a pill to swallow.


Behavior change, ha. I figured I must have been born with high cholesterol. You know, genetically. In my twenties, it was running around 260. And my father had had a heart attack at age 34. So naturally, when Lipitor came along, I started taking it. Gratefully. Then, a little later, in  my 30s, my blood…

Affordable Care Act’s landmark decision: What it means to insurers and you.


The controversial debate on health care reform finally came to an end with the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is indeed constitutional. According to, The Affordable Care Act will extend health insurance to some 30 million Americans who currently lack coverage. It will also guarantee the availability of insurance for…