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Hug me—I smoke cigarettes!


Unchecked tobacco use—the leading cause of preventable heart and lung disease—will contribute to more than 10 million deaths by 2030 according to the World Health Organization.  I’ll follow that up with, “Hi, my name is Lauren; I am 26 years old and enjoy the occasional cigarette (so sorry, Gram!). For anyone who smokes cigarettes or has…

A Different Kind of Vacation: Shaking It Up at Zumba Instructor Convention 2012


When I was thirteen, I went on a family cruise to the Caribbean. I returned ten shades darker and seven pounds heavier. Best vacation ever. Two weeks ago, I went to my first Zumba instructor convention in Orlando. I returned from that trip with a head full of choreography, inside jokes and purple hair extensions….

Exercising behavior change.


Talk about behavior change! That’s me, flying down a hill at 35 mph, nothing but a 15-pound road bike beneath me. Climbing, steadily, albeit a bit slowly, up the other side of the valley without huge effort, somewhere in the middle of a 50-mile course through the Finger Lakes, only to do it all over…

The Power of Positive Teen Driving


As the father of a 17-year-old who just got his full license, I know the motivational power of teen driving. Ask my son to run an errand in the car, and his typically expressionless adolescent face—picture an Asian version of Napoleon Dynamite–beams with delight. If Mom and Dad are feeling a lack of cooperation at home,…

How people quit cigarettes and why CEOs don’t smoke.


I loved cigarette smoking. I started when I was just a punk kid and all of my friends were into it from the earliest of ages. I must’ve been around 12 when I picked up my first cigarette. I mean literally picked up a half-smoked butt off the street tossed by a passerby that we…

Seasonal Behavior Change: How Summer Makes Me More Healthy


In April, my behavior change started. The bathing suit insert in my J. Crew catalog. This told me it was time for a behavior change — time to get back on that regular gym schedule and start bringing salads again for lunch. While I don’t consider myself altogether unhealthy year round, March did feature an…

Stress and Pressure: A Recipe for Disaster or Diamonds? An Intern’s Perspective on Interning.


Ten weeks ago I, along with five other interns, received a 10 week long summer intern project. Our final product was to be presented to the entire agency the first week of August. Our assignment was to create a unified brand for the Roberts’ internship program and develop tactics that would effectively communicate this new brand….

The True Value of Interns?


In the beginning I got my start in this advertising business as an intern.  I owe where I am today based on that one experience, which was a combination of “holy $#%@#%$#” is this what all my college tuition is going toward,” to, “I like advertising and maybe I have a place in this industry.”…

How to Have “The Talk” with Your Parents about Elder Care


Your parents have many “talks” with you over the years—the birds and the bees, financial responsibility and driving safety, just to name a few. You never consider that the tables will turn, and you will need to be the facilitator of an agonizing conversation with your parents about elder care. My colleague, Jeff, was recently…

Eating Healthy On-a-Stick: How many calories is that?


It’s that time of the year—Fair time. Some of my favorite summer memories revolve around a hot, sticky trip to the fair where I gorged myself with anything fried or on-a-stick.  As an employee of the Roberts MN office, I have close access to “The Great Minnesota Get-Together” famous for offering everything on-a-stick. And I…