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Changing Our Behavior as Marketers to Focus on What Matters: Online Marketing


Online marketing is now a critical piece of just about any company’s marketing mix. Think about it. When’s the last time you bought something without researching it online first?  It’s not that surprising 70 percent of Americans now say they look at product reviews before making a purchase.  For instance, when I bought a new…

Mobile wallet options? Seven leading the charge to change.

Mobile wallets make it easier to pay by phone

The mobile wallet is changing everything about consumer payments and our retail experience. For years marketers have talked about changing behavior through “share of mind.” In the consumer financial services space,  it’s been “share of wallet.” And now, within the mobile payment  industry, that’s changed to “share of digital wallet.” Makes sense. Space is limited…

Distracted Driving: Beyond the Cell Phone


If you’re the type of person who ever watches TV, reads the paper, listens to the radio or goes on the internet, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with the dangers of distracted driving. It’s an issue that finally seems to be getting the exposure it deserves. Since April is Distracted Driving Awareness month,…

Social Media Interactions Can Change Consumers into Brand Advocates


From the scrolling Twitter feed on CNN to the calls from NPR to share stories on Facebook, it’s clear that social media isn’t going away anytime soon. Everyone wants “a Facebook” or “a Twitter.” But why, and to what end? Most companies hope that social media will help them turn potential customers into brand advocates….

Change vs. Prevention: Answers from a childhood obesity expert

Bonnie DeVinnie says tackling the childhood obesity crisis calls for prevention and behavior change.

The epidemic of childhood obesity has been forefront in the news for more than five years now. We recently sat down with an expert and advocate for change, Bonnie DeVinney, vice president and chief program manager at the Greater Rochester Health Foundation. Here are a few of the insights she shared. Q: What communities are…

Targeting B2B audiences when you are not the target


Can we really target media to audiences who are not like us? Can we walk the walk with engineers and talk the talk with retail store owners when we have never worked in either of their jobs? How do we know if an engineering medium is better read over another one if we are not…

Choose Physical Therapy to Get Moving Again


I was surprised recently to learn while working on a project that if you require physical therapy, you can actually choose where you want to go. That’s not because physical therapy is foreign to me. I’ve had family members and friends require it after recovering from surgery. Their doctors would recommend a couple options, and…

Wellness in the Workplace: Where to Start and Why. 10 Helpful Hints and Benefits.


Over the past decade, wellness in the workplace has become more and more common and has entered the realm of expected benefits in many cases.  Several years ago, companies that employed a wellness program of any kind for their employees, might have been considered cutting edge and unique, but as the nation looks to a…

Work from home: Does it work for your business?


Working from home: Is it always a good idea? With her decision to rescind work-from-home benefits, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer may have created more news and publicity for her new employer than anything she’s done so far since taking the helm at Yahoo. It’s been great at generating  buzz for Yahoo. And an excellent catalyst…