Monthly Archives: May 2013

The JP Morgan Corporate Challenge—Physical, Charitable and Fun


With a name like the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge®,  you might think that the annual race would be fiercely competitive. At least that was my perception. But after my involvement this year, that view has changed. The Corporate Challenge is a little about competition and a lot about gathering employees from all walks of local…

Transitioning to Quit with Electronic Cigarettes


We all know that smoking is bad for our health, but despite the fact that it is, many of us can’t quit. If you’ve read my past blog posts, I’ve tried quitting on numerous occasions and failed. So yeah, quitting is hard because it requires us to make a major change in our behavior, but it’s really not impossible….

Citi Bike–Changing the way NYC gets around


In the past few years, there has been a spike in people being environmentally conscious.  The “going green” approach to living life has dramatically increased, becoming a hip trend. A huge contributor to this has been the cutting down of using motorized vehicles as transportation. And what better way than riding a bike? Citibank is on…

Where’s Grandma? Probably on Facebook or Twitter


For the first time ever, more than 50 percent of U.S. adults over the age of 65 are online, according to the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project. And of those, one in three are using social media networking sites such as Facebook, Skype and Twitter. The number of seniors using social media…

Optimize Media Content for Multi-Screen Viewing


We toggle between smartphones, tablets, TVs and personal computers on a daily basis and often use them simultaneously. The way we choose to get information from media depends largely on where we are, what the time of day is, why we’re searching for content, what we’re hoping to accomplish and how we feel. Businesses can…

Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie Changes ROC into NYC.


Amazing Spider-Man 2 and its movie production crew will be leaving Rochester, NY within hours. It’s been a pain in the commute, but kinda sad now. After 10 days of big-time movie production in downtown Rochester, NY, the local signs are going back up and the big trucks are rolling out of town. Somehow Rochester became a…

Behavior Change—Walking Your Way Back to Exercise


Springtime is here. With the season’s change come balmy temps, blue skies, and the urge to exercise. On our first warm weekend in Rochester, I along with almost everyone in my neighborhood donned our sneakers and hit the pavement. Some of us were a little too ambitious—literally attempting to run before we walk, and then…

Internship programs: four ways to build a better one.


The days of an  internship program  revolving around pouring coffee, bringing in lunch, and making copies have come to an end.  Internship programs have evolved into a thriving business of their own among companies of all distinctions.  In fact, internship programs have become so important that there are actually committees that organize, brand, and market these programs…