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Five Steps to Create Compelling Content for B2B Audiences


Businesses are taking note and diverting marketing resources to publishing and sharing content to drive desired outcomes. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s “2014 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America” report, over 73 percent of B2B marketers plan to increase efforts in content marketing. How can businesses get started, or enhance current efforts?…

Mind-Blowing B2B Marketing Stats (Part 1) – Email Marketing, Digital Marketing and Social Media

Check out the Brain Snack presentation on SlideShare.

Marketing has changed more in the past two years than it has in the past 50 ( At this out-of-control pace, it is vital for marketers to stay on top of the latest trends in order to survive. If we want to have a chance at reaching our audience of decision makers, we need to…

Five Tips for Making a Kick-Ass First Impression

153907874 Casual Business People Shaking Hands

We all pass judgments—it’s inevitable. As human beings, it is our innate reaction to judge someone upon first introduction. And while we’d all like to believe that our effortless charm or our infectious sense of humor is noticeable at a glance, it’s not. Developing sound image management skills can take years to perfect and is…

Hungry for Change? Me Too.


Soooo hungry. Literally. I’m doing about 1700 calories a day since the first of the year, and I feel hungry all the time. It’s the good kind of hunger — a little more energy, a lot more focused. I’m hungry for change, too. There are hundreds of articles and books out there that explore the…

Three LinkedIn Case Studies Worth Reading


A recent report from the Content Marketing Institute revealed that 91 percent of B2B marketers distribute content on LinkedIn, making it the social media platform of choice for B2B marketers. Well, considering LinkedIn leads the way among all channels in generating visits to corporate websites and driving B2B sales, it’s no wonder LinkedIn gets so…

An Argument for Instagram


It often feels like for every new photo I post on Instagram, I can read a different article about how social media documentation and updates are ruining our tactical experience with everyday life. For every filter I choose, there’s a FastCompany or Slate piece on how I’m not truly living until I put down the…

Blog hits: Our top posts from 2013.


The parties are over, the gift wrap stored away for another year, and my year-end desk and office cleanup are almost complete. So that means it’s time for the year-end wrap-up blog that puts a bright bow around some of the most popular and well read blogs from Carrot and Stick over the past year….

Smoking Cessation: My Path to Quit


Dear Marlboro Lights, I’m sorry to say, but you’re gross and super ugly. Unfortunately for you, smoking cessation is in and you, well you’re out. It’s been eight months since my last cigarette and 6 months since I’ve stopped leaning on my e-cigg. I have to say, every New Years, one of my resolutions would always…