Monthly Archives: February 2014

Senior Living Community Sites: 4 Steps to Better Web Design.


If you live in a senior living community, or do marketing for a senior living community, or are helping a parent choose a senior living community, this post is for you. Let’s face it, if you’re still under the impression older adults aren’t surfin’ the web or into social media; you should probably quit your job—it’s 2014….

Email behavior change: the mobile mandate


There’s no doubt or debate about it. More people than ever are reading email on their mobile devices. In fact, more people are reading email on mobile devices than on desktops now—51% according to Litmus “Email Analytics” (Jan 2014). Not only are they checking email on smartphones, but according to Yesmail, 30% of consumers are reading…

Behavior Change: A Community Affair


Impactful, long-lasting behavior change isn’t realized with a gut-wrenching radio spot, a clever billboard or an informative brochure. Even the most powerful anti-(fill in the blank) TV spots rarely make an enduring impact. True, sustainable behavior change is the product of empowerment. And more specifically, empowering community members to become their own change agents. The…

Social media Olympic gold: who’s winning in Sochi and why.


The winter games aren’t over yet—but by every indication the  Olympic gold for best performance in social media is going to go to consumer product giant Procter & Gamble. Question is: What have they done so right to win social media gold? According to a recent article in USA Today, P&G’s done just about everything right…

Change: 3 Ways to Help Take the Fear Out


Change is tough. I don’t particularly like change. I even resisted trying skinny jeans for years out of fear for how they would look on me and how it would change my appearance. It changes our routines—which I am quite comfortable with, thank you very much—and takes an investment of time, energy, and sometimes even…

Take a deep breath: Practicing mindfulness for daily success


In the wake of one of TIME’s latest cover stories, “mindfulness” is a term that may sound quite trendy recently, up there with “gluten-free” and any combination of exercise titles (Yogalates, anyone?). But before we write it off as a health fad or religious experience, it will do us well to consider this ancient practice…

Social Media Analysis: #CustomerBowl Insights from Super Bowl XLVIII


Each month, 218 million people around the world log into Twitter to find out what the world is saying. Interestingly, most of the people on Twitter are just there to listen – they never tweet. But Super Bowl Sunday is a particularly interesting day of the year on Twitter—a great day for social media analysis….

The Tough Mudder Mindset: Mental preparation for inspiring performance


One seemingly little click confirmed it all. I, like more than one million other extreme sport enthusiasts to date, have committed myself to entering what’s touted as “Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet.” As much as I value humility, I’m going to guess that Tough Mudder’s 10- to 12-mile military-style obstacle course definitely aims to challenge my…