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Blur the Lines between Your Communications Teams to Create Customer Addiction


Are your communications creating customer addiction to your products and services? If the idea of creating “addiction” through good communication seems impossible, it may be because you’re drawing too clear a line between your marketing communications, your sales communications and your product or services communications. Too often, companies build great products and do a great…

Mind-Blowing B2B Marketing Stats (Part 2) – Content Marketing and Online Video Marketing


Ready for round two? If you read my debut blog post, you may remember your mind was blown by stats about email marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing in the B2B space. The focus of this part 2 post is around content marketing and online video marketing—two more major marketing trends that Katrina Busch…

Crisis Planning: 4 Tips for GM, Malaysia Airlines, and JP Morgan Chase


In today’s “always-on” wired business world it is now more important than ever to have a crisis plan in place. With the rise of digital technologies and media—24 hour news, the emergence of social media as a medium, fragmentation of media and journalists due to the internet, and widespread smartphone use—audiences often have immediate and…

Sleep Apnea: Why Insurance Companies Want You to Sleep Well.


We’ve all had days when we feel exhausted or like we just haven’t had enough sleep. Blame gets placed on things such as a busy workday, our brains thinking too much, or a number of other excuses. For some, the root cause is a common sleep disorder called sleep apnea. This disorder is gaining attention…

STEM: 10 things that are changing for women

179370312_woman at white board-500px

Today, women are significantly underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. According to a 2011 report by the U.S. Department of Commerce, only one in seven engineers is female, comprising just 24 percent of overall STEM jobs. Despite women accounting for nearly half of the workforce, they remain disproportionately concentrated in STEM-related fields….

Turning Holiday Donors into Year-Round Contributors


There’s no question that, no matter which holiday you celebrate, the end of the year is filled with holiday cheer. This holiday cheer brings about one of the biggest movements of behavior change we experience at any point of the year, creating the biggest increase of charitable donations in the year as well. Though the…

Behavior Change: 5 Lessons from House of Cards.


Yes, I binge-watched the second season of House of Cards on Netflix last week. Now I have a lot of observations about why binge watching is so addictive. Beyond that phenomenon, though, there are five lessons that Frank Underwood can teach us about creating behavior change. Frank, of course, is the masterfully self-serving politician with…

Who needs an Oscar party when you have Twitter?


These days, half the thrill of tuning in to live broadcasts is watching the related commentary unfold on social media. Whether it’s the Super Bowl, an award show or a political speech, live-posting provides viewers with the unique opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions in a public forum. Today’s average viewer switches from smartphone…