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Performance Objectives & Content Marketing for Changing Behavior

Performance Objectives & Content Marketing for Changing Behavior

“Content marketing” has been deemed a buzzword (or buzzphrase?) by the advertising community. But the people who label it a passing craze, and the marketers who don’t give it due consideration as a strategy to achieve their goals, are doing themselves an injustice. Content marketing can be powerful. Extremely powerful. You just need to understand…

The Silver Tsunami: A Golden Opportunity for Marketers


Nationally, about 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65 every day until 2030. This over 50 demographic represents more than 100 million people in the U.S. and is the economic backbone of the American workforce. This generation is often referred to as the Silver Tsunami—the largest portion of the U.S population that is going to challenge…

Embracing Mobile When Running a B2B Event


When was the last time you left the house without your phone? And didn’t turn the car around to go get it? I bet you brought your phone to the last party you went to. I’m sure you had it in your last meeting. Like 52 percent of mobile phone users, it’s probably within arm’s…

Marketing to the Inexperienced Engineer


In the marketing communications world, we use the word “persona” to describe an ideal user or buyer profile. Effective marketing strategies utilize these personas to help connect the needs and desires of our customers with the messages we convey through various tactics. This method helps us answer questions, uncover new opportunities for growth and, more…

Real-time advertising: a social change to the game


We don’t have time. But who does, really? Marketers know you better than you know yourself. Hashtag, Real-Time advertising. Hashtag, social media disruption. When we’re waking-up-early, so that we can get-in-early (and finish that presentation by lunch), so we can get a jump-start on that next forecast meeting … we just don’t have the time…

How to Win the Changing Game of IT Marketing


In the last decade, marketing of information technology and services to businesses has changed, becoming an extremely high-stakes game. Nearly every type of organization, from manufacturing to retail to education and government, relies on technology to deliver on its core promise, be more efficient and competitive – in other words, to get their work done….

Healthcare Professionals: Three Tips on Recruiting the Best.


Recruiting the hard-to-recruit: physicians, physician assistants, new nurse practitioners, and RNs. Sourcing and hiring  physicians and other healthcare professionals isn’t easy. In fact, for a lot of reasons they are among the toughest and hardest recruitment target audiences out there. Some of the “reasons why” are simple: every hospital, clinical practice, and provider organization is…

Think B2B Videos Can’t Go Viral? Think Again.


Audience-driven, extremely engaging, relatively cheap, mass reach—viral videos may very well be the holy grail of marketing. But when it comes to the B2B space, many companies think the viral status is unattainable, or what’s more, they don’t see the bottom-line relevancy. Don’t subscribe to either line of thinking. While most B2B products and services…