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The magic of storytelling: how a great story can change behavior


Think of the last time you heard a really great story. How did it make you feel? Probably really good. Really sad. Really excited. It probably made you laugh. It might have made you cry. It might have made you feel angry. And it might have tweaked your perspective or triggered you to change behavior—whether it was a…

Social Media: Game-Changing Channels in the B2B Buyer’s Journey


The B2B buyer’s journey is as close to a strategic roadmap as marketers can get when trying to understand the stages (with corresponding thought processes and actions) that a potential customer moves through. The ultimate goal is to decipher how best to influence these B2B prospects at each of the stages to ensure they purchase…

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: An Awareness Campaign on Steroids


Excuse my cliché, but unless you’ve literally been living under an internet-free rock for the past few weeks, I’m sure you’ve seen a video—or 50—of a friend emptying a bag of ice into a bucket of water and then dumping said bucket of ice water on his or her head. Maybe you’ve even been nominated…

Infographics: Visual Content Driving B2B Engagement


Infographics have essentially been around since the dawn of mankind, whether appearing as drawings of a legendary hunt on a cave wall, or as extensive hieroglyphics chiseled into stone inside an ancient Egyptian tomb. In the modern wired world, infographics have become a wildly popular method for storytelling through visual content. So what is an…

Three Surprising Ways to Utilize Social Media: Part 1


On June 23, 2014, I was sitting at my desk when my phone vibrated rapidly with an urgent message: a young girl had gone missing and the local police had issued an amber alert with a description of her kidnapper. As I looked around the office, I noticed everyone had received the same alert so…

Live-Event Casting: 3 risks & 3 rewards of making the change to a digital destination.

Webcast Wiring

If the old adage still applies that time is money … then there’s just never enough of either. Companies are constantly searching for ways to be more nimble and more engaging, while simultaneously being more cost-effective. It’s a difficult ask, particularly if you’re trying to reach the widest possible audience for the smallest possible investment….