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Start saving now for your glamorous retirement. No, really. Right now.


I imagine myself as the retiree (approximately 40 years from now) that spends her days at countless art gallery openings, seeing Broadway shows and taking daring and glamorous vacations to exotic places. Ah yes, time spent not only spoiling my dozens of grandchildren, but also gardening at the beach house and winning hand after hand…

Establish Thought Leadership on LinkedIn: Where’s the Value?


Are you a trusted resource? For B2B organizations, thought leadership is a critical component for driving awareness, sparking excitement, and creating engagement within a respected market. In a world where information is openly shared through online discussions, forums, and social channels there is an opportunity to establish yourself and/or your brand as a credible industry…

Using Marketing Automation to Break Through


If you’re like me, you receive as many as dozens of promotional emails every day, thanks to the fact that seemingly every store you’ve ever purchased from has your email address. My daily routine is to open my personal email account, quickly scan the long list of subject lines, determine in a matter of seconds…

Facebook has ushered in the death of privacy. Get used to it.

Sooner or later, we'll all become that "weird" friend.

Of course by now you’ve long-since read the stories, or haven’t you heard? Back in 2012, Facebook played Frankenstein with their loyal user base, and the primary goal was to toy with our emotions. Frankenbook decided to conduct a week-long experiment that altered the experience on our news-feeds. Not cool, Facenstein. Not cool at all….

Play like a kid again: 3 ways to incorporate more play into your life


When was the last time you played? Monkey-bar-climbing, slide-riding, finger-painting, jump-through-the-sprinkler, running-in-circles type of play. It’s probably been awhile. Maybe even since you were a kid. I’m hoping that’s about to change for you. Why? Because play for adults is just as important as it is for kids. And in my not-so-humble opinion, I think…

Event Management 101


Everyone has been to an event of some sorts in their lives…A wedding perhaps? A birthday party? A concert maybe?  When you attend an event, odds are you are not thinking about all of the logistics that go into the set-up, the catering, the parking, etc. to make the event happen.  However, you should know…

10 Viral Videos That Would Make Great Ads


In the age of appropriation, most wildly popular viral videos have been parodied, imitated, auto-tuned or remade at least once. Take the classic double rainbow video featuring an overexcited California man filming his own near-spiritual reaction to seeing two rainbows arching across the sky. This was soon followed by double yellow line, double cat, and…

Help Gram Get the Care She Needs: Crowdfunding for Seniors


We all know crowdfunding isn’t a new concept, but it is continually changing just like any other digital resource. When hearing the term crowdfunding you might typically jump to entrepreneurs, businesses, artists, nonprofits, and start-ups encouraging specified audiences to make a donation. They’re essentially asking for help to fuel their dream project or to support…

Person-Centered Care: Changing the Way We Provide Care


Person-centered is a philosophy of care that is transforming the way organizations care for older adults in memory care, assisted living, and long-term health care services. Person-centered care puts patients and their families at the center of all decisions. Cultural and systematic health care system changes are the driving forces behind replacing the institutional model…