Monthly Archives: June 2016

Have you been to Jazz Street?


It’s a charming part of town that comes to life once a year on Gibbs Street for the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival (XRIJF). Over the past 15 years, this event has become one of the nation’s most respected music festivals, providing an eclectic collection of music, food, and inspiration right here in Rochester, N.Y….

Battling the Fear of Public Speaking


When writing, I’ve always had a way with words. But when standing in front of a room giving a presentation, my effortless command of the English language is nowhere to be found. Put simply, I’ve got stage fright. Over the past few months, I’ve dedicated myself to becoming a better presenter. It’s been a mix…

Snapchat Gets Serious About Business Marketing


Snapchat is no longer just an app for teens and tweens to send “disappearing” pictures to their friends. With over 100 million daily users and nearly 400 million snaps sent per day, Snapchat is becoming a fundamental base for marketing around the world. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat is a platform, like Twitter, where posting…

Interactive Guerrilla Marketing: Mr. Robot


When I say we in the Roberts Communications Interactive team love the show Mr. Robot, I might be understating it. We’ve watched the first season probably four times now; likely 10 times for the first episode. It’s one of those TV shows that hooks people immediately and has you wanting to know more by the…

This Blog Should Have Been an Infographic


Have you ever wondered why there are so damned many infographics out there these days? Have you likewise grown tired of hearing the same old reasons rehashed half a hundred times: that our attention spans are shrinking [insert obligatory goldfish joke here], that social media is at fault, that we all just hate reading? Well…

Using Nonverbal Communication to Reach Your Audience


Nonverbal communication accounts for about 93% of a conversation. Kinesics, otherwise known as body language, takes up 55% of that, while paralanguage (tone, pitch, rate, etc.) fills the other 38%. Obviously not every interaction will stick exactly to these numbers, so let’s say 70% of communication is nonverbal for the sake of it. Although online…

How To Be Newsworthy: 4 Tips for Health, Wealth & B2B


Unless you are a Kardashian, a Jenner, a political controversy or an environmental disaster, being newsworthy probably doesn’t come naturally to you and your business. Especially in the worlds of healthcare, financial services and business-to-business … things can seem pretty dry. But fear not! While you may not have juicy details to leak (I’d argue…

The Power of Influence


Have you noticed that some people just don’t like advertising? In a world that is increasingly becoming saturated with advertisements, many people have become skeptical towards them. So the big question is, how can we break through this new mentality? Consumer skepticism is often displaced when getting recommendations from friends or family. A trusted recommendation…