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Unlock the Engineer’s Journey: Align Content with Behavior


B2B brands and marketers trying to reach engineers take note. A typical B2B approach will not work without understanding the unique preferences and behaviors of these analytical thinkers. Marketers must be steps ahead, anticipating engineers’ preferred work activities when starting their process for a new project. Understanding the typical behaviors and preferences along each stage…

Engineers and Social Media: Where They Go and What They Look For


At Roberts, we intimately understand engineers and what makes them tick. How they think, act, and their typical behaviors and preferences at each stage of a project. We understand they need information quickly, as they are under pressure to work faster and more efficiently with ever compressing project deadlines. These modern makers have an innate…

Rage against the machine. With doodles.


When’s the last time your boss came up to you and said, “Whoa, that’s really deep bro”? Never? I’m assuming it’s never. And there’s a reason for that—you work on a computer. It’s a simple fact that computers make it much harder for us to focus. You know it’s true. We’ve all had the same…

Left Brain Thinkers: Unraveling the Industrial Engineer’s Buyer’s Journey


Engineers are a different breed from the rest of us. They are data-driven decision makers who like to be in control and favor a consistent routine. These builders and makers want to understand how and why things work and are often drawn to the latest tech gadgets. Today’s modern industrial engineer has more barriers to…

The Pokemon Go Effect: How It Can Work in the World of B2B


I haven’t downloaded the Pokemon Go app just yet (I have to admit, I was more of an Arthur kind of kid myself) but even I can’t deny the immediate, widespread effect the game has had. Wherever you go, you see groups of people walking down the street, looking up and down at their phones…

Are you my mom?


By this I mean, are you an engineer? A logical, left-brain smarty pants? Here at Roberts, we recently published What Makes Engineers Tick: 6 Ways to Understand and Influence these Modern Makers. It discusses marketing to people like my mom—based on our one-on-one interviews with her (and several other engineers), primary research polling, secondary research,…

4 Cool Marketing Trends You Need To Know


Everyone wants to ’Be Cool’ like John Travolta, but in the #marketing world that means keeping up with the times. A well-known barometer for the Information Age, Mary Meeker’s presentation on tech and global trends always shakes things up on the prospects of the future. In particular, the future of being cool in marketing. 1….

Meet Today’s Modern Engineer


What do you think of when you hear the term engineer? Well if you are like many of us, you likely start by thinking of an older man. Typically an introvert, math-savvy, pocket protector wearing, problem solver who likes to create things ranging from planes and bridges to developing software code to operate some of…