Monthly Archives: April 2017

How to tell your story when you’re changing the game in senior living


It’s no secret that to effectively market senior living services, you really do need to have a quality product. You can have a high-end lobby, perfectly manicured lawns and a mobile optimized website, but if your residents are not enjoying the best possible quality of life every day, then it’s just not going to sell….

Welcome to my brand campaign, [Fname].


People signed up to receive communications from your organization. Now what? According to Janet Choi from, you’ve got to write the perfect welcome email. Why welcome emails rock: They’re opened 4x more and clicked in 5x more than average promotional email rates. It’s all about first impressions, folks. That first correspondence determines how warm,…

Left vs. Right Brain: Creating Highly Effective & Creative Work


“You must be so creative!” It’s a phrase I hear all the time from my clients. It happens more in the early “ideas” stages of a PR/Marketing relationship or the first time a client comes to the office and experiences our awesome “creative” space. It’s also a phrase I heard a lot growing up from…

Top 5 2017 Social Media Predictions—How do they shape up?


At the end of each year, experts in every industry take out their crystal balls to try to predict the biggest trends of the next year. But in the world of social media, things can change pretty rapidly. I wanted to check in on some of the top 2017 social media predictions and see how…