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Making the Most of Your Agency Internship


Nowadays, it seems like just about every entry-level job requires a substantial amount of previous experience. As a college student, the best way to gain experience is to intern. And while internships aren’t always the easiest to obtain, applying for various internships—even ones that might not mirror your dream job or even be in your…

On the Bleeding Edge of Buzzwords in B2B


Calendarize. Diarize. Open the kimono. Deferred success. Air cover. Right-sizing. Buzzwords and jargon get a bad rap. And for the most part, it’s warranted. They’re overused, overly contrived, and often eye roll-worthy. The goal of advertising is to simplify a message to reach the point of utmost persuasive clarity. And that means keeping buzzwords to…

Reach the C-suite? Learn to swim with whales.

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Before you jump in and join the throngs of marketers searching to connect with C-levels, you need to do your homework first. Reaching the elusive audience known as the C-suite is one of the most sought after, targeted audiences in the business world—every business, salesperson, thought leader, content marketer, and subject matter expert wants something from the C-suite: attention, resources, approval, buy-in, mind share, and of course, budget….