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Top 5 2017 Social Media Predictions—How do they shape up?


At the end of each year, experts in every industry take out their crystal balls to try to predict the biggest trends of the next year. But in the world of social media, things can change pretty rapidly. I wanted to check in on some of the top 2017 social media predictions and see how…

What’s behind every B2B decision? A real person.


Business folks are real people, too. There’s always a person or team behind the decision to sign a contract. And each individual has their particular demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and environmental attributes. You’ve got to carefully consider all parties involved. Each person has an educational background, a specific set of responsibilities, criteria they get evaluated and…

Why Social Advertising Is a Critical Piece of Your Marketing Plan


Most businesses understand the importance of an active social media presence. With so many users on social, their audience is there, ready to become aware, engage, visit the website, get great customer service and, (ideally), become loyal customers. While organic social media can be an effective marketing tool (with the right strategy and content), the…

What We Learned at Search School – SEO, SEM and More!


By Megan Patrick and Tina Clark As part of Roberts’ commitment to ongoing training and development, we took a class with MarketingProfs called Search Marketing School. The course included 12 sessions on optimizing your website for search, getting quality traffic, and then using testing and analytics to gain insights on your visitors’ behaviors and preferences….

Facebook Messenger: A Seamless Extension to Customer Service


We all dread customer service, right? We search the depths of the Internet looking for a measly phone number only to be left wondering if we’re talking to a human or a machine. We find ourselves asking, “should I dial 1 for ABC or 2 for XYZ?” Getting our questions answered shouldn’t be this difficult—it’s…

Is Twitter Dead? Here’s What You Missed at #UpstateSocial16


This past weekend, I attended the Upstate Social Sessions along with some of the best minds in social media. If you couldn’t make it, I’ve boiled down the day-long conference into a few bite-sized trends. VIDEO, VÍDEO, VIDÉO Did I even have to mention it? Studies show it will make up 80% of consumer internet…

Lessons from Luke’s


Last Wednesday, 200 plus coffee shops across the country transformed into “Luke’s Diner,” offering up a free cup of joe to Gilmore Girls fans looking to get a real life taste of what life might have been like in the fictional town of Stars Hallow. The coffee shop takeovers were a promotion done by Netflix…

Can B2B Marketing Ever Be As Hip As Hamilton?


History is boring, right? I mean, for most people, the word history connotes big, dense books and long, dull lectures. There are nuggets or quotes that might capture your interest. But for the most part, it sounds daunting. That’s how some marketers may feel about B2B. Of course, there are compelling business letters. Dynamic airport…

3 Ways Technology Keeps Seniors Connected


As a country, we are in the midst of a period of change with the largest segments of the population gracefully aging. America’s seniors largely fall into what is referred to as the Silent Generation or those born during the period of the 1920s through the mid-1940s. This group expects high quality of care and…

Left Brain Thinkers: Unraveling the Industrial Engineer’s Buyer’s Journey


Engineers are a different breed from the rest of us. They are data-driven decision makers who like to be in control and favor a consistent routine. These builders and makers want to understand how and why things work and are often drawn to the latest tech gadgets. Today’s modern industrial engineer has more barriers to…