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The Pokemon Go Effect: How It Can Work in the World of B2B


I haven’t downloaded the Pokemon Go app just yet (I have to admit, I was more of an Arthur kind of kid myself) but even I can’t deny the immediate, widespread effect the game has had. Wherever you go, you see groups of people walking down the street, looking up and down at their phones…

4 Cool Marketing Trends You Need To Know


Everyone wants to ’Be Cool’ like John Travolta, but in the #marketing world that means keeping up with the times. A well-known barometer for the Information Age, Mary Meeker’s presentation on tech and global trends always shakes things up on the prospects of the future. In particular, the future of being cool in marketing. 1….

Meet Today’s Modern Engineer


What do you think of when you hear the term engineer? Well if you are like many of us, you likely start by thinking of an older man. Typically an introvert, math-savvy, pocket protector wearing, problem solver who likes to create things ranging from planes and bridges to developing software code to operate some of…

What makes engineers tick? And why you should care.


There’s a well-known legendary back and forth that supposedly occurred between the two iconic American novelists F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. According to the literati, it went something like this: Fitzgerald: ”The rich are different than us.” To which Hemingway replied, “Yes, they have more money.” As it turns out, engineers are different from…

Celebrating #WorldEmojiDay in the Business World


This Sunday is #WorldEmojiDay. Emojis are popular not only because they can be adorable, but because humans process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. I’ve written about micro-engagements and emoji marketing before, but in honor of World Emoji Day, I thought I’d share why—and…

Snapchat Gets Serious About Business Marketing


Snapchat is no longer just an app for teens and tweens to send “disappearing” pictures to their friends. With over 100 million daily users and nearly 400 million snaps sent per day, Snapchat is becoming a fundamental base for marketing around the world. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat is a platform, like Twitter, where posting…

Organic vs. Paid Social Media

Organic_SocialMedia (1)

Social media is social media, right? Well, no. Depending on the context, there can be subtle nuances or vast differences in terms of what content is appropriate. Speaking strictly from the perspective of social for a business or brand (because it should be obvious that using social on a personal level is much more #footlooseandfancyfree),…

Celebrating Local and Making Change: 2016 AMA Pinnacle Awards


Smarts, strategic thinking, innovation and results-driven ideas. That’s what drives the American Marketing Association Rochester Pinnacle Awards year-in and year-out. In collaboration with two of our clients, Xerox Corporation and Heritage Christian Services, we’re honored to be finalists for this year’s Pinnacle Awards. We’re even more proud to work with clients who create products and…

Lighten Up, Francis. Using Humor in B2B Marketing.


Why use humor in B2B marketing? I’ll start to answer that with a question—are your customers human? I’ll assume the answer is yes. Sometimes in B2B marketing, we forget that whether B2C or B2B, it’s all still H2H, human to human. Here are a few key reasons to mix humor into your B2B content marketing…

5 Things About Thought Leadership Your Boss Wants To Know


What the hell is a thought leader? Obviously, it’s someone like Professor X from X-Men who can control minds. Or maybe it’s the guy sitting next to you reading Mind Manipulation co-written by Dr. Haha Lung and Dr. Christopher Prowant. Or maybe it’s you. More likely, it’s the future you. To become the thought leader leader,…