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Pro-tips on an integrated marketing event: #CustomerBowl.

Roberts Comm Customer Bowl 8

The experience for an attendee can make or break an event. While you’re planning, there are lots of moving parts that all need to align to make it successful. Our agency recently hosted the 11th annual #CustomerBowl event to gather consumer insights into the uber-expensive Super Bowl ads. During the event, we pre-screened ads like…

Zen and the Art of the Work Uniform


Ever stood in front of your closet and just felt… over it? You had too many clothes—all packed together to the point where only a sliver of a sleeve of each shirt was showing? Or perhaps you had just the right amount, but couldn’t bring yourself to don that same baggy pair of khakis one…

Simple Planning Value-Adds for a Great Year


It’s a new year! Hooray! Out with the old and in with the new. A chance to redefine your marcom strategy and brand messaging and bring some new ideas to the table to drive better business throughout the year. The first few months of the year are some of my favorite. It’s the time of…

Don’t be that shallow B2B marketer.

Andrew Still

Attention spans are shrinking. Content is shrinking. Timelines are shrinking. You get the point. Everything is shrinking. So it’s easy to understand the rise of shallow B2B marketing. What is shallow marketing? It’s mindless, get-it-done-fast, follow-a-template, forget-the-audience marketing. Even if you object to it, it’s hard not to be guilty of creating shallow marketing in…

What’s behind every B2B decision? A real person.


Business folks are real people, too. There’s always a person or team behind the decision to sign a contract. And each individual has their particular demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and environmental attributes. You’ve got to carefully consider all parties involved. Each person has an educational background, a specific set of responsibilities, criteria they get evaluated and…

Why Social Advertising Is a Critical Piece of Your Marketing Plan


Most businesses understand the importance of an active social media presence. With so many users on social, their audience is there, ready to become aware, engage, visit the website, get great customer service and, (ideally), become loyal customers. While organic social media can be an effective marketing tool (with the right strategy and content), the…

Roberts’ Top 10 Blogs From 2016


‘Tis the season for annual reviews, look back glances at the trends, greatest hits and misses, and of course top 10 lists. They’re ubiquitous this time of year and we love a good tradition. And a good list. First, a little background: our agency blog post has been going strong for about 4+ years. It’s a panel post…

Top 5s from Two Marketing Conferences – EventTech and &THEN


Rachel Spence and I were lucky enough to attend Direct Marketing Association’s &Then Conference and EventTech this year and brought back 7 days’ and 250 sessions’ worth of content. We shared our 5 key takeaways as a BrainSnack presentation before our annual Roberts Holiday Party (you can watch our livestream here). In case you missed…

What We Learned at Search School – SEO, SEM and More!


By Megan Patrick and Tina Clark As part of Roberts’ commitment to ongoing training and development, we took a class with MarketingProfs called Search Marketing School. The course included 12 sessions on optimizing your website for search, getting quality traffic, and then using testing and analytics to gain insights on your visitors’ behaviors and preferences….

UX and You


Didn’t make it to the BrainSnacks sessions at this year’s Roberts Holiday Party? Well, you’re in luck, because we’re here to catch you up on everything you missed. For the first of the three amazing presentations, one developer (Jordan) and one digital designer (Jessi) were asked to share their knowledge about UX. And we figured,…