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Employee Engagement: The next-level of recruitment strategy.


The “War for Talent” continues to rage on throughout many industries as HR departments face competition from other employers and the prospective employees (who’ve become brand customers) themselves. To strengthen your employer branding, look to use your internal employee engagement strategies. We’ve seen that engaged employees are your best brand advocates. As prospects for major…

Facebook Messenger: A Seamless Extension to Customer Service


We all dread customer service, right? We search the depths of the Internet looking for a measly phone number only to be left wondering if we’re talking to a human or a machine. We find ourselves asking, “should I dial 1 for ABC or 2 for XYZ?” Getting our questions answered shouldn’t be this difficult—it’s…

Why Predictive Analytics Are So Cool (and Powerful)


“Roughly half of marketing and media executives in North America said they believe predictive analytics and modeling to be one of the most helpful technologies for getting more value out of data, August 2016 research found.” That’s comforting to me because it means there are lots of other marketing technology nerds out there. More importantly,…

What B2B marketers can learn from the 3 Minute Thesis.


In reading page one of my friend’s thesis on the “emerging elds of micro systems technology and nano technology” I quickly learned that PhD theses are the most boring documents in the world. That realization led me to an interesting article on a competition called the “Three Minute Thesis.” You see, in 2008, Queensland University…

Planning for Disaster. Or, When the Hurricane Hits


On Friday, as Hurricane Matthew was barreling into the South East coast, one of my clients mentioned they would be exhibiting at a conference in Florida in a little over a week and wanted to drum up some media interviews and foot traffic for their booth. Of course the first question I wanted to answer…

Lessons from Luke’s


Last Wednesday, 200 plus coffee shops across the country transformed into “Luke’s Diner,” offering up a free cup of joe to Gilmore Girls fans looking to get a real life taste of what life might have been like in the fictional town of Stars Hallow. The coffee shop takeovers were a promotion done by Netflix…

The key to cutting energy consumption? Ask the Joneses.


It turns out energy conservation is still a pretty serious issue in 2016, one that’s gained traction over the years but still struggles to achieve widespread adoption and commitment. Countless programs from utilities, government organizations, and environmental groups have attempted to make it easier and more affordable for people to implement newer, more efficient technology….

3 Water Treatment Trends from WEFTEC 2016


While at the annual Water Environmental Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) this year, I had the amazing opportunity to meet with the editors whose publications keep engineers and plant decision-makers informed on the latest and greatest in water and wastewater treatment. I learned more than I ever thought possible about how industrial processors and…

Can B2B Marketing Ever Be As Hip As Hamilton?


History is boring, right? I mean, for most people, the word history connotes big, dense books and long, dull lectures. There are nuggets or quotes that might capture your interest. But for the most part, it sounds daunting. That’s how some marketers may feel about B2B. Of course, there are compelling business letters. Dynamic airport…

Want top talent? Treat prospects like top customers.


Imagine you’re selling a house, a car and a solid bank account. You might not see it that way, but your prospective talent sure does. Okay, so maybe it’s not just about the tangibles, but the dance is the same. To recruit top talent, you need to get their intrigue and treat them like consumers…