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Zen and the Art of the Work Uniform


Ever stood in front of your closet and just felt… over it? You had too many clothes—all packed together to the point where only a sliver of a sleeve of each shirt was showing? Or perhaps you had just the right amount, but couldn’t bring yourself to don that same baggy pair of khakis one…

Roberts’ Top 10 Blogs From 2016


‘Tis the season for annual reviews, look back glances at the trends, greatest hits and misses, and of course top 10 lists. They’re ubiquitous this time of year and we love a good tradition. And a good list. First, a little background: our agency blog post has been going strong for about 4+ years. It’s a panel post…

Learning on the job: From shoeshine kid to agency CEO in 37 odd jobs.


The spark for this serial post was the hashtag #firstsevenjobs that swirled around social channels from leading corporate CEOs and leaders throughout industry. I’ve been working in the advertising business for almost four decades. When I started to compile my #firstsevenjobs list since I started working at age 11 or so—I realized I had a rich, varied and unusual education. What struck me most…