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Why Residents Should Call the Shots in Senior Living


Who decides what you have for lunch? You do. Who decides when you make a phone call? You do. What about what kind of sheets you sleep on? You guessed it—that’s you, too. These questions may seem silly, probably because you take it for granted that you have control over every aspect of your life….

How To Be Newsworthy: 4 Tips for Health, Wealth & B2B


Unless you are a Kardashian, a Jenner, a political controversy or an environmental disaster, being newsworthy probably doesn’t come naturally to you and your business. Especially in the worlds of healthcare, financial services and business-to-business … things can seem pretty dry. But fear not! While you may not have juicy details to leak (I’d argue…

Life with Betty: Making the big move.


A personal series on living and learning in a multigenerational household. Part two. About six months ago I moved in with an 85-year-old woman—my mother-in-law, Betty. At the agency, we have a lot of experience marketing to and connecting with the senior market. But this one’s personal. Instead of talking about all the facts, figures,…

Head-to-toe wearable tech: Can you turn yourself into a healthy robot?


Okay, not quite a robot. But that’s not far off. Tech companies are pushing the limits of what we wear, and it’s changing the way we live, especially when it comes to our health. A friend of mine is an early adopter of the Apple Watch. And now he’s always checking how many calories he’s…

Top 10 Trends Shaping the Future of the Health Care Industry


This industry is in the midst of sizable and impactful change. Between constant technology improvements, increasing consumer demand (with more patients than ever covered by health insurance), shifting models of care, and ongoing economic pressures, 2015 is shaping up to be a pivotal change year for health care systems and providers. We’ve pulled together a…

Our Top Blog Posts 2014: A Year of Change—sorta.


Tracking our blog posts each week and seeing what clicks with our readers and followers is telling. And always surprising. This year’s recap of our best Carrot and Stick blogs from our talented panel of bloggers is no exception. The key learning here for me is that great content targeted to the right audience sticks…

Person-Centered Care: Changing the Way We Provide Care


Person-centered is a philosophy of care that is transforming the way organizations care for older adults in memory care, assisted living, and long-term health care services. Person-centered care puts patients and their families at the center of all decisions. Cultural and systematic health care system changes are the driving forces behind replacing the institutional model…

Telemedicine: Connecting the Health Care Ecosystem for Health and Financial Benefits


Telemedicine is sweeping through the health care industry, utilizing the latest technology to break down barriers between patients and caregivers. It’s a powerful trend that enables doctors to easily (and immediately) connect with people when they aren’t able to be in the same location. Devices, platforms, and tools continue to be developed to support telemedicine,…

Healthcare Marketing: How the web changes the game.


In a game of who has the better marketing campaign, where will your brand stand? The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reported the largest 125 U.S. health insurers collected $713 billion in 2012 premiums, with the top 25 accounting for nearly two-thirds of the total. It’s clear, the health care market is saturated with organizations offering…

Healthcare Professionals: Three Tips on Recruiting the Best.


Recruiting the hard-to-recruit: physicians, physician assistants, new nurse practitioners, and RNs. Sourcing and hiring  physicians and other healthcare professionals isn’t easy. In fact, for a lot of reasons they are among the toughest and hardest recruitment target audiences out there. Some of the “reasons why” are simple: every hospital, clinical practice, and provider organization is…