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What does health insurance mean to millennials?


By: A Millennial For many millennials, 26 is the next life-changing birthday after 21. Twenty-Six is when you get CUT OFF. Cut off from your parents’ cell phone plan? Perhaps. Cut off from your old college lifestyle? I would hope. Cut off from your parents’ health insurance? Without a doubt. As Account Director, Megan Jaffarian…

Investing in Mental Health: Why It’s Important for Your Business


May, or Mental Health Awareness month, might be over, but that doesn’t mean we have to end the conversation. I’m not going to drone on about what you can do to improve your mental health—you know what you need to do—I’m going to take it a step further and talk about mental health as an…

Why Residents Should Call the Shots in Senior Living


Who decides what you have for lunch? You do. Who decides when you make a phone call? You do. What about what kind of sheets you sleep on? You guessed it—that’s you, too. These questions may seem silly, probably because you take it for granted that you have control over every aspect of your life….

Roberts’ Top 10 Blogs From 2016


‘Tis the season for annual reviews, look back glances at the trends, greatest hits and misses, and of course top 10 lists. They’re ubiquitous this time of year and we love a good tradition. And a good list. First, a little background: our agency blog post has been going strong for about 4+ years. It’s a panel post…

Celebrating Local and Making Change: 2016 AMA Pinnacle Awards


Smarts, strategic thinking, innovation and results-driven ideas. That’s what drives the American Marketing Association Rochester Pinnacle Awards year-in and year-out. In collaboration with two of our clients, Xerox Corporation and Heritage Christian Services, we’re honored to be finalists for this year’s Pinnacle Awards. We’re even more proud to work with clients who create products and…

Person-Centered Care is Finally the Norm


Person-Centered Care (PCC) as it relates to elder care has been a rapidly growing philosophy for many years now. You can find it in CMS regulations and guidelines, and discussed at most senior living conferences. Pretty much every senior living provider, in one form or another, says they are delivering PCC. It’s safe to say…

Head-to-toe wearable tech: Can you turn yourself into a healthy robot?


Okay, not quite a robot. But that’s not far off. Tech companies are pushing the limits of what we wear, and it’s changing the way we live, especially when it comes to our health. A friend of mine is an early adopter of the Apple Watch. And now he’s always checking how many calories he’s…

Help Gram Get the Care She Needs: Crowdfunding for Seniors


We all know crowdfunding isn’t a new concept, but it is continually changing just like any other digital resource. When hearing the term crowdfunding you might typically jump to entrepreneurs, businesses, artists, nonprofits, and start-ups encouraging specified audiences to make a donation. They’re essentially asking for help to fuel their dream project or to support…

Healthcare Professionals: Three Tips on Recruiting the Best.


Recruiting the hard-to-recruit: physicians, physician assistants, new nurse practitioners, and RNs. Sourcing and hiring  physicians and other healthcare professionals isn’t easy. In fact, for a lot of reasons they are among the toughest and hardest recruitment target audiences out there. Some of the “reasons why” are simple: every hospital, clinical practice, and provider organization is…