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The Art of 404


Have you ever mistyped a URL and found yourself on something far different from what you were expecting? If you’re anything like me, this is a daily occurrence. You may end up on a humorous comic, a cute picture of a baby animal, or even an interactive game. These pages that cannot be found are…

UX and You


Didn’t make it to the BrainSnacks sessions at this year’s Roberts Holiday Party? Well, you’re in luck, because we’re here to catch you up on everything you missed. For the first of the three amazing presentations, one developer (Jordan) and one digital designer (Jessi) were asked to share their knowledge about UX. And we figured,…

4 Cool Marketing Trends You Need To Know


Everyone wants to ’Be Cool’ like John Travolta, but in the #marketing world that means keeping up with the times. A well-known barometer for the Information Age, Mary Meeker’s presentation on tech and global trends always shakes things up on the prospects of the future. In particular, the future of being cool in marketing. 1….

Interactive Guerrilla Marketing: Mr. Robot


When I say we in the Roberts Communications Interactive team love the show Mr. Robot, I might be understating it. We’ve watched the first season probably four times now; likely 10 times for the first episode. It’s one of those TV shows that hooks people immediately and has you wanting to know more by the…