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Roberts’ Top 10 Blogs From 2016


‘Tis the season for annual reviews, look back glances at the trends, greatest hits and misses, and of course top 10 lists. They’re ubiquitous this time of year and we love a good tradition. And a good list. First, a little background: our agency blog post has been going strong for about 4+ years. It’s a panel post…

What We Learned at Search School – SEO, SEM and More!


By Megan Patrick and Tina Clark As part of Roberts’ commitment to ongoing training and development, we took a class with MarketingProfs called Search Marketing School. The course included 12 sessions on optimizing your website for search, getting quality traffic, and then using testing and analytics to gain insights on your visitors’ behaviors and preferences….

Account-Based Marketing Tips and Tactics


Account-based marketing, which the cool kids call ABM, is a strategic approach to marketing, the crux of which is highly targeted communications to specific priority individuals or accounts. Here is ITSMA’s definition: “Treating individual accounts as a market in their own right” A structured approach to developing and implementing highly customized marketing campaigns to markets…

Search Engine Marketing: Why Are My Ads Not Showing When I Search For Them?


If you develop and manage search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, you’re familiar with this question: “Why are my ads not showing when I search for one of our keywords?” It’s a completely fair question, and one I asked before I became well versed in the subject. Seriously though, it is confusing. If we’re paying for…

Search Engine Marketing: Q1 2015 Marks the Highest Increase in Three Years


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most powerful ways to reach customers who are looking for a specific product or service in the very moment they are searching for it. In 2011, Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) was introduced, which described a revolution in the way consumers search for information online and make…