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Top 5 2017 Social Media Predictions—How do they shape up?


At the end of each year, experts in every industry take out their crystal balls to try to predict the biggest trends of the next year. But in the world of social media, things can change pretty rapidly. I wanted to check in on some of the top 2017 social media predictions and see how…

Why Social Advertising Is a Critical Piece of Your Marketing Plan


Most businesses understand the importance of an active social media presence. With so many users on social, their audience is there, ready to become aware, engage, visit the website, get great customer service and, (ideally), become loyal customers. While organic social media can be an effective marketing tool (with the right strategy and content), the…

What We Learned at Search School – SEO, SEM and More!


By Megan Patrick and Tina Clark As part of Roberts’ commitment to ongoing training and development, we took a class with MarketingProfs called Search Marketing School. The course included 12 sessions on optimizing your website for search, getting quality traffic, and then using testing and analytics to gain insights on your visitors’ behaviors and preferences….

Employee Engagement: The next-level of recruitment strategy.


The “War for Talent” continues to rage on throughout many industries as HR departments face competition from other employers and the prospective employees (who’ve become brand customers) themselves. To strengthen your employer branding, look to use your internal employee engagement strategies. We’ve seen that engaged employees are your best brand advocates. As prospects for major…

Is Twitter Dead? Here’s What You Missed at #UpstateSocial16


This past weekend, I attended the Upstate Social Sessions along with some of the best minds in social media. If you couldn’t make it, I’ve boiled down the day-long conference into a few bite-sized trends. VIDEO, VÍDEO, VIDÉO Did I even have to mention it? Studies show it will make up 80% of consumer internet…

Lessons from Luke’s


Last Wednesday, 200 plus coffee shops across the country transformed into “Luke’s Diner,” offering up a free cup of joe to Gilmore Girls fans looking to get a real life taste of what life might have been like in the fictional town of Stars Hallow. The coffee shop takeovers were a promotion done by Netflix…

Want top talent? Treat prospects like top customers.


Imagine you’re selling a house, a car and a solid bank account. You might not see it that way, but your prospective talent sure does. Okay, so maybe it’s not just about the tangibles, but the dance is the same. To recruit top talent, you need to get their intrigue and treat them like consumers…

True Story: I’m Addicted to Likes


I hadn’t touched a Cosmo magazine since I was 22 years old. But, I was on a plane en route to a bachelorette party in NYC and it just seemed, well, fitting for the moment. As I flipped through the pages (to my surprise) I came across an interesting article about Likes. It talked about…

4 Cool Marketing Trends You Need To Know


Everyone wants to ’Be Cool’ like John Travolta, but in the #marketing world that means keeping up with the times. A well-known barometer for the Information Age, Mary Meeker’s presentation on tech and global trends always shakes things up on the prospects of the future. In particular, the future of being cool in marketing. 1….

Celebrating #WorldEmojiDay in the Business World


This Sunday is #WorldEmojiDay. Emojis are popular not only because they can be adorable, but because humans process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. I’ve written about micro-engagements and emoji marketing before, but in honor of World Emoji Day, I thought I’d share why—and…