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Share Your Gifts: Mastering the Art of Successful Partnerships


We’ve all heard the phrases… Right place at the right time. I was lucky. The stars aligned, or The events just fell into place. These are phrases that depict chance moments in life that fall within that dashed line somewhere between the first date and the last date that’s carved on our tombstone. And, if…

How to tell your story when you’re changing the game in senior living


It’s no secret that to effectively market senior living services, you really do need to have a quality product. You can have a high-end lobby, perfectly manicured lawns and a mobile optimized website, but if your residents are not enjoying the best possible quality of life every day, then it’s just not going to sell….

Helping energy customers feel the love starts with healthy communication.


Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. We’ve all heard that before, right? Just tune in to the daytime talk shows, latest dating reality creation, or even pick up a paper and read an advice column (if those are still a thing). It’s a simple, common-sense sentiment that’s been accepted as fact when it…

Super Bowl Advertising: Red Zone to End Zone


What’s everyone at your office talking about this morning? That huge come from behind win by the Patriots? Mr. Clean’s new dance moves? Or whether the Snickers live commercial was an intentional disaster? The Super Bowl is one of the biggest annual events in American culture. Regardless, whether you love, hate or feel nothing towards…

Zen and the Art of the Work Uniform


Ever stood in front of your closet and just felt… over it? You had too many clothes—all packed together to the point where only a sliver of a sleeve of each shirt was showing? Or perhaps you had just the right amount, but couldn’t bring yourself to don that same baggy pair of khakis one…

7 tips to get you started on SlideShare


When entering the realm of social, many marketers are quick to focus on the big 3—Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn—the star socialites. Often times they are quick to overlook the underutilized platform—SlideShare. Are you familiar? SlideShare, owned by LinkedIn, is the world’s largest community for sharing content in a slide or presentation format. With over 70…

Engaging Your Customers in a Fun Way on Social Media


Social media is a powerful marketing tool. With over 1.7 Billion people on Facebook alone, you can nearly guarantee that your audience is there. Getting the most value out of your social media campaigns begins with determining your objective. Common objectives include: Driving traffic to your website Growing awareness of your brand or product Growing…

Is Twitter Dead? Here’s What You Missed at #UpstateSocial16


This past weekend, I attended the Upstate Social Sessions along with some of the best minds in social media. If you couldn’t make it, I’ve boiled down the day-long conference into a few bite-sized trends. VIDEO, VÍDEO, VIDÉO Did I even have to mention it? Studies show it will make up 80% of consumer internet…

What makes engineers tick?


It’s a question B2B marketers often struggle with answering. Typical advertising is often rebuffed. They generally don’t like to be sold. Patience is required.  Instead these analytical left-brain thinkers prefer to solve a challenge, share their knowledge and learn something new. Providing the right content, in the right channel at the right time aligns with…

Reaching the Elusive Engineer with Multichannel Marketing


If your business needs to reach engineers for a product or service then, this blog is for you. Understanding how these modern makers think—what makes them tick, essentially requires a multichannel marketing approach with a digital emphasis. Engineers are faced with compressed deadlines and now must turn around their project cycles faster than ever. Being…