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Breakthrough Strategy Creates a 20% Decrease in Distracted Driving for ROC


Distracted driving is such a major topic these days. You hear the dangers talked about, campaigned against, ticketed for, and even brought to trial, but it wasn’t always that way. I got my driver’s license when I was 17 (2003) and already had a cell phone (Verizon LG VX8100 color flip phone, it was awesome)….

Our Top Blog Posts 2014: A Year of Change—sorta.


Tracking our blog posts each week and seeing what clicks with our readers and followers is telling. And always surprising. This year’s recap of our best Carrot and Stick blogs from our talented panel of bloggers is no exception. The key learning here for me is that great content targeted to the right audience sticks…

Play like a kid again: 3 ways to incorporate more play into your life


When was the last time you played? Monkey-bar-climbing, slide-riding, finger-painting, jump-through-the-sprinkler, running-in-circles type of play. It’s probably been awhile. Maybe even since you were a kid. I’m hoping that’s about to change for you. Why? Because play for adults is just as important as it is for kids. And in my not-so-humble opinion, I think…

Telemedicine: Connecting the Health Care Ecosystem for Health and Financial Benefits


Telemedicine is sweeping through the health care industry, utilizing the latest technology to break down barriers between patients and caregivers. It’s a powerful trend that enables doctors to easily (and immediately) connect with people when they aren’t able to be in the same location. Devices, platforms, and tools continue to be developed to support telemedicine,…

Don’t Coast on Autopilot—Live with Intention: 4 Steps to Craft a Meaningful Life


Have you ever been on autopilot and lost a night just staring at your iPhone? I have, and it sucks when you think about it.  Now that I’m in the shady part of my twenties I’ve started to realize just how precious time is. It’s like any tangible resource that gets used up whether we…

Behavior Change Motivators: When death isn’t scary enough.


Imagine you need to convince someone to change an unhealthy behavior before it becomes life-threatening. The argument for change seems obvious, right? Change your behavior or you’ll die. In reality, it’s not that simple. While death appears to be an incredible motivator for change, it very often fails to resonate. If you’re looking to invoke…

Health and Wealth: Why the healthy are wealthy and how you can be too


“Health” and “wealth” aren’t just two words that sound alike; they are aspects of our lives that are intertwined within one another. Between kicking bad habits and picking up good ones, there are many things we can change in our daily lives to save our health and our money. Studies have shown that people who…

Weathering the Weather: How winter weather affects our mood


As Rochester limps toward early spring and emerges from one of the harshest winters on record, it seems no two weather days are alike. From freezing temps and blowing snow to the tease of sunshine and blue skies, the so-called polar vortex appears to be more bipolar than anything—creating in us an emotional roller coaster…

Sleep Apnea: Why Insurance Companies Want You to Sleep Well.


We’ve all had days when we feel exhausted or like we just haven’t had enough sleep. Blame gets placed on things such as a busy workday, our brains thinking too much, or a number of other excuses. For some, the root cause is a common sleep disorder called sleep apnea. This disorder is gaining attention…

Take a deep breath: Practicing mindfulness for daily success


In the wake of one of TIME’s latest cover stories, “mindfulness” is a term that may sound quite trendy recently, up there with “gluten-free” and any combination of exercise titles (Yogalates, anyone?). But before we write it off as a health fad or religious experience, it will do us well to consider this ancient practice…