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Early Christian Church – Missionary Work

Christian Church is simply a Protestant Ecclesiological term actually referring to the worldwide church consisting of all believers, namely, those who have Christ membership. The church is commonly identified by a uniform rite of initiation, which is known as the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It is not an independent church separate from the Catholic church and this church accepts the teachings of the Holy Church and adds to them. The churches’ main aim is worship, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

The Catholic churches are mainly located in the UK and other parts of Europe. It is the biggest religious body in the world with about two percent of the total population. Some years ago the United States of America was the only country in the entire world that had a Christian church without any synods. Nowadays most people in America and other countries are bound to one church or the other. Some other religions such as Islam and Hinduism also have their followers.

Christianity can be divided into three main branches namely Catholic, Lutheran, and Eastern Orthodox Churches. The major difference between these three is the belief and purpose. Catholics believe in submission to God, while Lutherans believe in submission to the government. The Eastern Orthodox Church makes use of a creed that states that Jesus is the way and the life which were sent by the Holy Spirit. This creed also includes several articles of faith and is used as a guideline for congregational activities.

An Ecumenical Council is a meeting of the heads of different Catholic churches which are authorized to conduct official communion conferences. The councils have been meeting since the fifth century and they are responsible for making decisions that bind the entire Catholic community. They make an ecumenical agreement on matters concerning the divine mission of the Church, discipline, worship, and missionary activity among the Christian communities. Any matter that has a bearing on the divine mission of the Church needs to be brought before the councils. A matter that has not been agreed upon will need to be settled by the Ecumenical Council.

missionary activities among the Christian congregations have played a major role in establishing the Christian way of life. missionaries were responsible for many of the conversions to the Christian religion. converts were a very important part of the early Christian church and they remained an integral part of the Christian life until the nineteenth century. The nineteenth-century saw many Christian congregations scattered all over America. missionary work was also responsible for the survival of the Christian religion in postbellum days.

Christian congregations all over the world have been missionaries in their lives. The Christian religion has always encouraged its members to go out and proselytize among all the people. This form of missionary work continues today even under the best conditions. The Christian Church should continue to encourage its members to go out and proselytize among all the people in order to build up the Christian faith and share the love of Jesus Christ among all the people.

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