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Practical Ways You Can Develop Social-Emotional Intelligence in Kids

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage emotions in effective and positive ways to relieve stress, communicate, empathize, overcome difficulties and defuse conflict. One of the benefits of emotional intelligence is that it helps in building strong relationships to succeed both in school and at work and achieve career goals. This makes teaching our children social-emotional intelligence important to boost their chances of success at school, at work, and in life. As parents or guardians, we play a vital role in shaping the trajectory of their future, and building their social-emotional intelligence is among the perfect way to ensure our kids have a bright life ahead. This article outlines some practical ways you can use to build your kids’ social-emotional intelligence.

Make sure you are kind not only to your kids, but to yourself, and others as well. It is quite often to hear parents tell children to be kind to others, but the message does not sink into them. However, if they see you practice it that would be magic. It is worth noting that kindness is at the core of social competence, relationship, and friendship, and teaching this to your kids is one way to build their emotional intelligence. Therefore, if you are a parent or important to the kids make kindness a priority.

Another way you can help your children to build social-emotional intelligence is by teaching them how to listen. The beauty of being a good listener is that everyone wants to be with you, it’s attractive. To teach your kids this makes sure you reflect what they said during a conversation with you. For example, you can use such statements, “I understand that”, “So what you’re saying is?” Make sure you create ample time to spend with the kids while they are talking, this way they can see and learn how to listen is done.

Empathy is another vital feature of social-emotional intelligence you ought to teach your kids. The ability to understand, and where possible relate what other people are experiencing is at the center of thriving relationships. The ideal way to teach children empathy is to watch you do it. Make sure you note how they are feeling and point it out and let them know that you understand it. Once they watch you empathize with them the kids will experience firsthand what difference empathy can make.

You must make sure your relationship with the kids is a priority if you desire to make progress in building their social-emotional intelligence. Staying connected with your children is the perfect way to ensure you influence them. A good relationship builds trust, honesty, and loyalty which are vital in kids’ life. So if kids come to you with a confession make sure you help them out instead of criticizing the behavior. You should focus on the behavior you want to be increased rather than one you think should be decreased. Gently discuss with the kid the behavior you want to see a change and let them understand how honesty means to you. This makes a child trust you, and you will always have an influence because of this connection. This relationship will be transformed and determine how the kids will relate to the world. Those are few practical ways you can build social-emotional intelligence in children.

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